We help companies reduce costs & expenses, automate payments, improve value and access to healthcare for the employee, assist employees with earned wage access & financial tools, and enable shippers to reduce spend & streamline shipping.


We work with a group of elite partner firms who all have one common goal: Help companies reduce expenses & save money, generate additional revenue, and provide financial wellness benefits for their employees. And each works on a contingency basis; we don't get paid unless we deliver value.

Expense Benchmarking ➤ IHow much can you add to your bottom line? How do you know if you are overpaying for services? We benchmarks your operating expenses against similar companies, to show you where you’re overpaying and then use that information to help you negotiate new rates. The only charge for the service is a percentage of the savings.

Shipping Automation ➤ If you ship small parcels or LTL, we can help. Our shipping automation platform is the gold standard for multi-carrier/multi-mode shipping management in one dashboard. And we access & pass along rates second only to Amazon. We are a Shipstore authorized representative.